Take a good look at your lighting. If you notice that your lighting is poor, dull and inconsistent, your tenants and customers probably do, too. You have a CHOICE when selecting a resource to retrofit the lighting for your investment property. LIGHTING CHOICE has the experience, as well as a tremendous selection of high-quality LED products for all commercial applications.

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LIGHTING CHOICE  is an approved CenterPoint Energy Program Administrator (PA) that specializes in obtaining and applying your Energy Savings Rebate, while managing your entire retrofit project. Make the smart CHOICE and contact LIGHTING CHOICE for your retrofit project and realize a SAVINGS of 70% or more on energy costs! Schedule your FREE Energy Project Evaluation (EPE) today!

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Your completed retrofit with LIGHTING CHOICE will transform your space into a safer, more attractive and more productive environment for your tenants, customers and employees. The CHOICE is LIGHTING CHOICE to lower your energy bill, reduce operating & maintenance costs, and in most cases, experience an ROI in less than (3)-years!

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If you own, manage or are selling an investment property that typically uses around 20,000kWh/month in electricity, then our Rebate Savings Program (RSP) is for you. Our (RSP) is a "financial mechanism" used to pay for today's facility upgrades with tomorrow's energy savings. Ideal candidates for LIGHTING CHOICE's (RSP) include large buildings or a group of buildings such as city, county and state facilities. Schools, hospitals, commercial office buildings, warehouses, multi-family buildings, single-family communities and even NEW CONSTRUCTION projects can qualify for this remarkable opportunity to get PAID to UPGRADE!

Additional benefits of LED lighting include:

  • LED's can last 10-times longer
  • LED's can consume 90% less power
  • LED's do not emit heat
  • LED's are non-toxic & recyclable
  • LED's can withstand shock, vibration & extreme temperatures



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